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Rapidly Changing Enterprise Priorities

The Strategy for managing complexity must change

Most enterprises try to contain risks as a coping mechanism:

  • Use a divide and conquer approach
  • Create operational, visibility, and security boundaries and silos

Operational agility is not compatible with containment - You need simplicity to be agile

Simplicity in the contect of cloud

Migrating to Multi-Cloud

There is no shrink-wrapped multi-cloud solution

Migrate using natural expansion and refresh events

  • Intercept budget where it already exists

With each event, ensure the network is multi-cloud-ready

  • Avoid actions that remove future paths to multicloud

The Adoption of multi-cloud will be a journey, inclusive of both products and services

How ready are you for the cloud?

CSPi's Cloud readiness assessment helps you maximize your cloud migration to optimize IT operations. Our professionals work with you to identify your business goals, evaluate your infrastructure, review your core applications, assess your readiness, and develop a high-level solution roadmap. 

Contact us for questions or more information about our Cloud Readiness Assessment; Email or  866-264-0306


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Do you spend too much time managing your enterprise IT?
You can't keep up with change requests from the business?
Then it's time to invest in innovation.

Investing in innovation

Nine out of then companies will have some part of their applications or infrastructure in the cloud by 2019, and the rest expect to follow by 2021.

The top two benefits of a multi cloud strategy are increased cloud options (59%) and easier and faster disaster recovery (40%).

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

1000+ employees


Improving the speed of IT service delivery

Greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions

Enabling business continuity Speed of development

Improving customer support or services

Lower total cost of ownership






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